Back to school

It is tought to get back  in the routine, but much necessary. 

I’ve been running errands since last week… uniforms, shoes, books, book covers, haircuts, notebooks, new backpacks and lunch boxes, trip to costco for lunch stuff, meetings, bills, meetings, bills. Time.

Haircuts, no nail polish, earlier bed time, no cells, no internet, no tv, new alarm clock, complaints, more complaints and more whining, remembering the border line and limits. New friends, new cute guys, new teachers, old teachers, old friends. Discipline.

Hopefully new habits and better results each time, hopefully mama wont die in the process. Growth.

Both are happy and willing to give it all… mama feels happy too. Hope.

Next week we’ll take charge on sailing, gymnastics, music lessons, car pools (hopefully), and only God knows what else. Superpowers.

At the end if all goes good, mama will steal one whole day for herself to go use that wonderful 80 minute massage gift certificate nailed on the  cork since July, (that winks at me all the time) plus haircut, manicure and pedicure and then, when as new, the wonderful Four Seasons romantic dinner that we’ve been waiting for.

Hopefully at the end there will be time for me and for wonderful Bob… to write, to take pictures, to exercise, to romance, to boat around, and above all to live… or is this life? Acceptance.

Please add new website design, moving of warehouse and new store and 21 day plan… do not forget the junior sailing program and the Panamerican Games.

God give me strength, power to deliver, determination and a work plan to get it all done. Faith. Please visit my website!

These are the new haircuts…. of course girls will sleep sited tonight.



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