Desperate to See Growth.

I don’t know what’s up with me lately. I have this incredible urge to plant stuff.

I cant eat anything without thinking how did it grow. If I can grow it or not or how. Sometimes it drives me nuts. I am losing my appetite for things I cant grow.

Of course I am soon starting an “Official” veggie patch in my garden but meanwhile I am suffering from a growth obsession. I have a row of bananas, a row of papayas, a lime tree, a fig tree, a guanabana tree, an unidentified citrus tree, various herbs that include an excess of basil and chilis that appear out of nowhere and a noni tree.

Maybe I have recently been exposed to history, life and death. Maybe I need to see more growth and flow in my own life and I find that observing nature develop is like watching an eternal representation play of life itself.

My experiments so far are resting actively on my kitchen window. Nice warm place that faces south/west (?) but has enough sunshine, good airflow, lots of light and constant humidity because its in between the kitchen sink and my herb outside corridor. What is most important to me is that it is strategically located so that everybody sees it. Out of sight I have many more experiments going on.

Perhaps what I like the most of this whole thing is that all the family eventually has to do dishes, and even if you don’t look you are seeing the whole life evolving flow through this plants growing. I believe this is free magic for all of us to see and enjoy.

I currently have a pineapple hoping that will grow roots, a celery hoping that will grow leaves, an old forgotten purple onion from my fridge’s veggie drawer. Garlic and ginger coming soon. I don’t do apples and stuff that don’t offer instant gratification. The wait discourages me.

I also have some parsley seeds from my dead parsley who didn’t make it through the summer, lucky me I had saved some seeds. Bob’s cacti, simple soul less supermarket cacti are growing leaves and leaving their sad wallmart past behind, they are now alive.   They say cacti bring bad feng shui but I choose not to believe in that specially if these are surrounded with all this flow. Something pinkish is growing from one of them, could it be a flower?

The most challenging of my experiments is the Nopales that came from Teotihuacan in our last trip. My cousin Sandra and Martina, risking their fingers and getting them all full of nopal micro tiny thorns, managed to steal a Tuna fruit from one of this amazing Nopal plants located next to one of the main temples.

I packed the fruit and waited until ripe, dried the seeds with all the pulp which was fluorescent purple and after a couple weeks, washed the seeds, dry them again and then plant them.

Somehow in my funky mind I feel that If i get this Nopal to grow I would have succeed in bringing the power from the Teotihuacan civilization home. Probably that Nopal fruit that gave me the tuna  has been around since the times of all-mighty Quetzalcoatl. Maybe if I make it grow I will acquire some special powers.

Hopefully one day some “tropical” tunas will grow and we will be able to say -“Remember we brought a tuna from Teotihuacan…”- That’s my kind of souvenirs when I travel. Seeds, rocks, pieces of wood, and other little reminder of the magic of each place I go to. The bought stuff I don’t care much about.

This kitchen window is also my plant hospital, if I see that some specimen is having trouble I bring it there, and by luck or by the power of intention and focused energy it heals.

I am devouring books, websites and magazines yearning to learn what else can I grow. Maybe this will also teach me how to grow and help my kids grow.

So if all goes good by the time summer is over and the torrential rain stops, I will be able to lift some feet of grass and turn it into a veggie patch, and in there my experiments will go. Martina is worrying that the racoons will come and eat everything. I leave that problem to Bob’s left brain to solve. I am in charge of the right side. Life is in charge of all us.



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