Hot Spice Red Hot Chiles

It all started with one single “chilito”. Now we have Chiles in every corner. So many that I don’t know what to do with them anymore.

They mysteriously appear all over the place, it seems that they have walking feet.

I use a couple on my spicy Italian sauces, 3 or 4, no more. I use another 3 or 4 more on red quesadilla salsas. I use 20-30 spicing up a bottle of olive oil to which I also add some rosemary and garlic cloves. And that’s it.  The rest of the thousand Chiles serve as landscape decoration or maybe bird feed. Mexican bird feed of course.

So since they grow so easily and look so beautiful I will plant the first Nuevo Vallarta Chile Botanical Garden.

Starting tomorrow I will start collecting Chile seeds. Maybe by when the garden will be ready I will be Chile trained like a real Mexican that I am, but I am not.



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