Reporting from my kitchen window. Week one.

Celery- Doing just fine, leaves growing from the inside. Outside rotting leaves. Will transplant to soil. Today. Amazingly fast. Enjoying this one, is like magic.

Pineapple – Just when I thought nothing was happening I looked from above and saw that the pineapple, in despite of showing no sign of rooting, is growing layers of leaves from the inside and looks youthful and renovated, so I will move ahead and plant it in soil.

Onion- Rocking and in need of more soil. Will transplant to bigger pot.

Teotihuacan Nopales – Nothing going on… suspecting they need more sun. Change of approach this for the week, more sun. Quetzalcoatl is not happy.

Parsley – Idle, wondering if the seeds were dried properly before planted. Will give it a chance.

Cacti – Blooming and super happy. Growing leaves and possible flowers.

Avocado Seed – half of it soaking in water. No news to be reported yet.

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