Week three.. reporting from my kitchen window.

Bad News. 

Nopales from Tenochtitlan – Dead, will have to try again outside in full sun, once the rain is over. I am carrying the Quetzalcoatl curse.

Parsley – Caput, RIP, same as above, with no curse.

Bob’s round cacti – Guilt and proven stubbornest on my part or -“I am sorry Love, you were right”(this time once again).
On a desperate attempt to make this cactus “happy”, I took it out by the “hospital”, note that it wasn’t sick or anything, it was just talking to me and telling me it needed sun like all cacti do, (in my imagination of course).
Well long story short, I forgot it outside for a couple of big storms….
Oh -“Bad mother I am!-“, the poor thing got all full of fungi, its all mushy and its now in hospital number two at intensive therapy (outside under roof, over BBQ table with more sun expose that in kitchen, but still lots of humidity), a battling between life and death. Lets all hope it will make it.

Good News- Hope for Newbies. (Hope for life. Hope for me)

Another pineapple in process, so far so good. Piece of cake, pineapples are easy. I can have a plantation.

Epazote – (traditional Mexican herb?spice used only and a lot in Central Mexico, with a very peculiar and unique flavour you might hate or love, – just like sailing-  nothing in the middle, personally I don’t like it that much).
The one small plant I brought from Mexico City died so I went out on a stubborn quest and found seeds which are sprouting, Yei!!
Epazote fibers are so strong that have been found intact in prehispanic sites, so Mexican ancient civilizations have been eating it forever.
It is used in quesadillas, salsas and in the amazing traditional Sopa de Hongos.
It is very difficult to fin here in Puerto Vallarta, this is a “Chilango” thing.
(Chillango=from Mexico city and Estado de Mexico)

Lettuce – the ever growing salad for your diet.
So I cut the bottom of my last lettuce, put it on a small plate with water and to the window. Impressive!! The thing has grown a lot, I could almost eat it now!It has small complete leaves and roots. This week will be transferred to soil on a pot.

Other Cacti – Made it through the forgotten hospital episode, and are doing just fine, growing fast.

Onion – Growing more sprouts, and looking healthy, soon to be transferred to bigger pot. Smelly but nice.

New arrivals.

Oregano in a pot, so far so good, even if it needs a bigger pot. Needs to be watered daily and when its forgotten,  the leaves dry very fast and look like pizza oregano. Once you water it again, you can literally see it come to live again, from pizza herb to alive plant.

Thyme- Interesting and abundant, little little leaves, with powerful scent. Needs less water that Oregano. Feels medicinal.



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