Animal Planet REAL alive from our yard this morning – BIG FAT MEAN DEATHLY SNAKE



(Pictures at

While gardening a few hours ago, Bob threw some banana leaves in the
composting pile. Immediately a BIG snake jumped and bit the leaf.

After observing if for a while, we figured it was trapped in the wire
fence. It tried to attack several times. We almost started teasing the
thing with the long banana leaves…. We Idiots.

It was surreal and exciting. A long fat snake in the yard,….”This is
SO cool Man, a fat Snake in my garden” I thought, -“Wait Bob, Hold
it!!!! Let me go get my camera”- “Hold it, hold it”-

We thought it was a Boa, there are lots of them around here, but this
one acted too vicious for being one. Boas are sweet and mellow, if
don’t swallow your dog.

Like in a TV shows, and special after having all these new scouting
experiences, and thinking wild animals all day long.. (OMG, it was my
thinking that materialized this creature into reality, OMG, OMG, I am
a witch).

I called the fire department from Bahia de Banderas. They showed up
after ten minutes, armed with sticks, brooms and machetes. Funny, the
same guys I’ve been chasing, YES CHASING,  for the Animal Planet show.
They laughed when they saw me, I told them -“Come in….This is not
TV, this is real”-… -“but remember you have to be here next
Saturday. That’s TV”-

Turns out that this species is a very dangerous, fast horrible painful
death, kind of snake. Convulsions, foam coming out of your mouth,
hallucinations, agonizing pain, gone in 5 minutes, do not handle if you
don’t have the anti-venom ready to go in an injection near you just in
case.  DEAD, Finito Caput. No second chance. Nice creature of God.

I forgot its name. It has the weird ability of chasing the victim,
stand up tall in front of it and attacking. Not only biting but also
it is equipped with a spike on the tail that stings and injects the
same venom.  So you have to watch or the head and the tail. Not a nice
neighbor to have around you.

The firefighters decided that this snake was too much of a threat to
the community; usually these are seen around the mangroves and fields,
but rarely here near the houses.  It was a mature adult. Not a rare
jewel around here and in no danger of extinction.

They decide to kill it, machete in hand. Head chopped. Clean strike.
Loud Chop sound.  They also said that Crocs are a piece of cake…snakes
are THE worst. “We shouldn’t be killing animals” they said “We could
get in trouble for this”…but We had to KILL it”- “I Agree”- I said
making them feel like heroes.

Year of the snake, snake in my yard, thinking about snakes and then
one in here, chopping its head with a machete, karma? Gee… I better
start thinking about winning the lottery…. God forgive me for being a witness of a murder, I do feel sad for the snake. If I would have had a choice, I would have not kill it. I apologize for letting this happen. I am sorry beautiful Snake, you were so unlike to get trapped in there.

I need a beer and a swim in the pool, only after looking there is no
Crocodile in the bottom.

Relived that it was the banana leaf and not one of us…

Enjoy the pictures, They are nasty. Feel free to share, VIVA MEXICO!


PS. Spot, our visitor dog and everybody, dogs, cat, girls and us, are
safe and sound. I promise that I will look before stepping and putting
my hand in, for the future.



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